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Great Help and amazing service!! I needed a skip ASAP as my property had a house viewing with a potential buyer the next day and i still had a lot of all interior outside and they delivered it the same day! Thankyou Shrewsbury Skip Hire!

Jane Davies - Shrewsbury

A great big thank you to Shrewsbury skip hire for a great transaction! i was super impressed with how they delivered the skip and picked it up like clockwork!


Janet Coulton

Great service, i didnt know what size skip i needed and enquired on there homepage and they quickly responded to my email with a help to size skip guide which really helped me choose what skip i needed for me renovation!

Joe Sinden - Shrewsbuy

Skip Hire
Made Easy

Items that CANNOT be placed in a skip include:


Batteries/electronics (fridge, freezers, TV, etc.)




Medical items




Gas cylinders


Light bulbs




Any other hazardous item


Plasterboards- Any other hazardous item

Before the law was changed, plasterboards were permitted. All plasterboard material must be disposed of separately, according to the new law (2011). This alteration was made in response to a research investigation that found that in the mixed waste scenario, hazardous gas was produced during decomposition. As a result, trash service providers are equipped with appropriate bags for waste plasterboard.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Skip?

Hire a Skip for a Variety of Purposes

People in the United Kingdom hire skips for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is the cost-effectiveness and convenience that skip hire provides as a waste disposal solution. Skips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of jobs. Here are a few examples of how skips are used:


Use in and around the home

If you’re renovating your home, skip hire is a vital garbage disposal option to consider. Whether you’re installing a new bathroom or tearing down a wall, you’ll generate a lot of waste. As a result, based on the amount of waste, you can select the skip that best suits your needs.

Cleaning up the garden

We are frequently confronted with considerable organic waste, such as soil and other things while cleaning gardens. Garden clearance debris can be deposited in skips in a variety of forms. Most garden owners in the United Kingdom can choose from various modest, economical skips for little garden clean-up jobs.

How can I rent a skip in the United Kingdom and primarily the Shrewsbury Area?

When it comes to selecting the ideal skip for your needs, there are numerous factors to consider.


Installation of a paved path or driveway

This is one of the most popular reasons for hiring a skip. The old driveway is removed during the installation procedure, and the waste may be simply deposited into a compact skip.


Clearance of unwanted garbage from old locations

This frequently happens when renters leave behind piles of unwanted trash, such as outdated furniture and fixtures. Skips are useful because they allow waste to be disposed of.


What Size & Type Of Skip Do I Need?

Small Skips

In the 4 cubic yard skip size, these are commonly utilised for older kitchen and bathroom fixtures. People frequently use midi skips to dispose of household and gardening debris. This skip can typically carry 45 black garbage/waste bags.

Large Skips

These skips are a little bigger than builders’ skips, measuring 12 cubic yards. The maxi skip takes up more physical area on-site and has a much bigger capacity due to its size. These are ideal for large, bulky rubbish and waste items, commonly found on construction and commercial projects.

Skips that are safe (lockable)

These are usually utilised to provide extra protection for your skips. This ensures that no more waste elements are introduced. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The first step is to select the appropriate skip size. They come in a range of sizes, dimensions, and lengths—choosing a huge skip when you don’t have enough rubbish to dispose of will merely increase your costs, while choosing a tiny skip for a significant amount of rubbish will leave unwanted waste on your property.

As a result, choosing the proper size is critical to getting the best value in town. Skip hire is especially popular in the UK since it comes in various sizes, making it easy to cover practically any waste disposal project. Whether you need to dispose of construction debris at a commercial site or do DIY operations at home, you can choose from several sizes. In the United Kingdom, there are three primary types of skip hire.

Mini Skips: 

These are the tiniest skips available, usually measuring 2 or 3 yards in length. These are excellent for reducing the quantity of waste generated in housing or gardening projects:

Mini skips are perfect for modest home projects like kitchen/bathroom remodels or brief garden clean-ups because they are inexpensive. Rather than dumping all of your trash in your car and driving far away to dispose of it, save money by hiring a compact skip to assist you with the task.


In the United Kingdom, most cities are lively, with many residential neighbourhoods. As a result, RoRo skips or Builders cannot be physically positioned practically. As a result, tiny skips can efficiently gather about 2 to 3 tonnes of rubbish.


These are commonly available throughout the United Kingdom. Domestic and other little jobs are prevalent.

Builders Skips: 

These are among the most common skip types, with a capacity of 6 cubic yards. They’re ideal for commercial applications, including the disposal of concrete, dirt, and rubble. Many homes utilize a building skip to dispose of their household rubbish. Typically, this skip type can handle nearly 70 (black) garbage/waste bags.


Builders skips are ideal for large-scale operations where garbage and debris materials predominate, rather than employing trucks to transport the rubbish to and from landfills. This will also save you money on transportation and fuel.


These are commonly used in commercial business projects such as a big office or house renovations, among other things.



RoRo skips

also known as Roll On Roll off skips, come in sizes ranging from 20 to 40 yards. They’re more prevalent in commercial projects, but they’re not as expected or compatible in residential ones. Furthermore, this skip type necessitates a lot of physical space/capacity to fit:


These are frequently provided with doors that make it easy to slide on and off. RoRo skips are an excellent garbage collection option for massive projects with a lot of waste to get rid of.


These are pretty popular among construction companies with a lot of rubble and rubbish to get rid of.

Shrewsbury Skip Hire Costs

Price Differ Depending On The Size And Other Factors

The cost of hiring is influenced by a number of factors. Skip size, location, hiring period, and skip hire permit are some of the most prevalent and fundamental criteria.

The size of the skip is, without a question, one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a skip. Smaller skips, such as the Mini skip, are less expensive than Builder skips, owing to the size and amount of rubbish they can carry.

What We Can Do To Lower Costs

Many skip hiring companies in Shrewsbury combine skips with other services to help customers keep their overall costs down. Recycling and landfilling are two examples of possible options.

Aside from the size, a number of other criteria play a role in deciding the price. The following are the details:

In the United Kingdom, prices vary by region.
Skip hire prices vary by region, with the south of England and the capital city of London frequently being more expensive than the rest. Scotland, Northern Ireland, and other parts of the United Kingdom are frequently the cheapest.

Shrewsbury Skip Hire Legal Requirements

Expenses of the permit council

If the skip is to be put on a public road, a permission is necessary by law. There is a fee associated with this permission (depending on your region). A council permit is not necessary if the skip is placed in close proximity to your personal property.

In most circumstances, your skip hiring company will obtain a council permission and include it in the final price.


Charges that are not disclosed

When you hire a skip service, there are no hidden fees. However, you could face further charges or fines if you put goods in the skip that are illegal.

Some skip rental companies may quote pricing that do not include VAT (value added tax). As a result, while comparing prices, it’s critical to inquire if any such tax has been factored into the final price. It’s generally a good idea to calculate the overall cost of a skip hire service ahead of time.

Term of employment

Another important element to consider is the length of the contract. A extended period of rental will also cost more in terms of council permit fees. The longer the skip hire service, the higher the cost of hiring.

Today, skip hire companies provide deals that include an unlimited rental duration.


The skip’s weight

The weight of the skip varies depending on the weighing requirements and guidelines of the skip hire service provider. In most cases, 1 cubic yard is equal to one tonne. A 2-yard skip will therefore weigh 2 tonnes.

Heavy goods such as metals and rubbles can be carried in most skips ranging from 2 to 8 yards. To achieve a perfect weight balance, however, it is recommended that things be loaded with a mix of heavy and light weight contents. Also, keep in mind that the loading restrictions of the trucks offered by your skip hire company will differ.

Hire A Skip Today!

How Can You Cut The Cost Of Hiring A Skip?

Request quotes:

Consider conducting extensive market research before making your final decision to guarantee that you pay the proper amount (and preferably the lowest). Compare estimates from service companies in your area. In general, selecting four to five skip hiring companies is advised. This will provide you with more information to assist you in making the best decision possible. Also, make sure that all quotes include taxes, permit fees, and any other pricing influencers.

Sell/Donate or Recycle:

Another way to save money on skip hire is to donate, sell, or recycle.
This will assist you in reducing the amount and weight of waste material, as well as the size of the skip. There are several options to donate, sell, and recycle unwanted products nowadays that you may not be aware of. Your local government can provide you with a variety of options from which to choose. You can also donate and sell items on the internet.
Rather than dumping your old furniture, cupboards, bed set, tables, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, or any other home accessory in the dumpster, you can sell or donate them to reduce the overall skip hiring cost.

Furthermore, recycling can have the following advantages:

– Save energy: We can save a lot of energy by using industry-related recycling materials. Natural resource extraction and refining saves money in addition to power.
– Pollution reduction: Recycling is an important part of pollution reduction. Every year, the UK saves at least 18 million tonnes of CO2.
– Resource conservation: Recycling allows materials to be reused and turned into new goods. Instead of extracting resources and harming the natural ecosystem, firms can recycle products to save resources.



Despite the numerous positive consequences, many people still refuse to recycle; this is due to:

– The inconvenience that recycling generates is one of the most fundamental reasons for not recycling. Some locations lack recycling bins or bags, making the procedure more difficult. As a result, people find the entire procedure tiresome.
– People do not separate recyclable things from rubbish collected, preferring instead to discard everything together. One simple way to separate objects is to arrange ahead of time or identify items that can be recycled. People in today’s society have a misunderstanding that recycling is ‘unimportant.’ People frequently overlook the issue of global warming, which can be considerably lessened by recycling old materials and replacing them with new ones.
With the appropriate mindset, recycling can be simple and convenient. It might also assist you in keeping your skip hire costs low.

Book ahead of time:

Rather of booking your skip hire service at the last minute, you can save a lot of money by booking ahead of time. Some skip hire companies have set costs based on the length of the hire and the weight of the skip, however booking ahead of time can often result in early bird savings. Similarly, to reduce recruiting period costs, gather all of your rubbish in one location to expedite the procedure.

Avoid council permits:

While council permits are required if the skip is placed on public property, they can simply be avoided if the skip is kept on your private property. To keep skip hire rates low, choose driveways, grass areas, backyards, and other such locations. Use the wait service to avoid council permits for skip hire in Shrewsbury if your rubbish is ready to be dumped and would not require extended waiting hours.

Solution for rubbish removal that is environmentally friendly

Most skip hire companies in the United Kingdom are devoted to recycling around 80% to 90% of their rubbish, making it a popular environmentally responsible option. After the waste material content has been sorted and mounted, it is divided between items that can be recycled and those that must be disposed of in landfills.
Skip hire often collects and recycles the following items:

Metal, plastic, wood, soil, furniture, and organic waste are all examples of materials that can be recycled.

What NOT To Do When Hiring A Skip

Overfill our skip

People in the United Kingdom use skips to dispose of any construction trash, whether it is for domestic or commercial use. However, many people find the garbage disposal process intimidating. As a result, many people commit the blunders listed below when hiring a skip.

Overfilling your skip is one of the most typical difficulties in the United Kingdom. People, regardless of the size and weight of their spills, have a tendency to overfill them. As a result, filling a tiny skip with RoRo skip garbage will simply cause it to overflow, potentially resulting in a punishment from the skip hiring company.
Rather than getting the task done for a low price, look for a skip that best fits your needs. Always go for a bigger size than you think you’ll need. You will save money by not having to hire two skips, which can be costly. To get the most out of your skip slots, remember to pack all waste stuff efficiently.


Make sure your skip isn’t in the wrong spot:

It is preferable and highly suggested that you store your skips on your own land. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic are frequently crowded in public locations.
Others may be bothered and obstructed by your skip. If you want to put it in a designated public space, you can get a skip permission from the local government. This is something that your skip service provider can assist you with.

Do not include prohibited items:

As previously stated, do not include products that are harmful or lethal. These goods are listed by your local government and breaking them might result in heavy fines.

Although there are many alternative rubbish removal options available, skip hire is still the most popular waste disposal option in the UK. This is mostly because it provides an excellent opportunity to get skip supplied. After you’ve finished disposing of your construction waste, you can request that your skip be picked up.

Skips come in a variety of sizes, measurements, and configurations, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your needs. Furthermore, the skip’s size guarantees that you only pay for what the job demands. So, whether you’re disposing of kitchen fittings, lawn clean-ups, or massive rubbles from a construction site, choose the appropriate size to do your task quickly.

Skip hire companies in the UK select and deliver skips on time, bringing you the ultimate convenience over other garbage disposal options that can be unreliable and cost you more money.

As a result, save money and time with skip hiring suppliers in the UK, no matter what the project is. If you do not dispose of your garbage properly, it can lead to serious health risks for you and your family. Using a local skip hire service provider is the most cost-effective and efficient waste removal option.

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