When that old sofa or chest of drawers is no longer wanted, it’s time to get rid of it. Perhaps you’ve redecorated in preparation for the holidays, and that dining room table no longer fits. Or perhaps you’re relocating and that sofa is simply too large for your new living room. What choices do you have for getting rid of these enormous home items?

It’s being given away

You might want to consider rehousing it. See whether someone in your family or circle of acquaintances is in need. Not everyone has extra funds to spend on new furniture, especially at this time of year, and your discarded item can be exactly what they’re looking for.

You may try advertising on social media — Facebook has a plethora of local selling pages. Gumtree and Preloved are also wonderful places to find new homes for old stuff, and you can submit ads for free.

If you’re not sure if your item will sell,’ donate it to a charity or display it in a newspaper or store window as ‘free for collection.’

It can be recycled

There are instances when your unwanted belongings are simply no longer wanted. In this situation, now is the time to recycle, and a local skip hire service could be the solution! At Shrewsbury Skip Hire, we understand that many of you are concerned about your carbon footprint and want to find the most environmentally friendly approach to dispose of your belongings. As a result, we strive to recycle at least 95% of all waste we collect so you can dispose of it guilt-free. Not only that, but we also offer same-day delivery in and around the surrounding area of Shrewsbury, as well as a ‘wait and load’ service, which means we can remove it right away if necessary!

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